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Uniform & Kit

MMA Uniform & Kit information - all items are available from our club shop - click here!!!

  • Please avoid T-Shirts & anything with zips, buttons or pockets as these are all dangerous to your training partners.


For MMA kit beginner students will first need their own Boxing gloves & Shinpads. Next they need mouthguard and groinguard - and then their own 8oz sparring style MMA gloves (not 4oz pro style). Then they will most likely want to get some comfortable focus pads and nice Thai-pads...


For clothing beginners need undershorts and shorts (without zips, buttons or pockets), and a rashguard-style tight fitting top. Women will mostly also want a comfortable sports bra under their rashguard top.


For some more info on these items see below:-


Boxing gloves: For most adults 14oz is ideal - but if you're less than 60kgs or have small hands then 12oz might be better! 

Buy Here: RDX Boxing Gloves

  • Groin Guard: Essential for male MMA fighters.

Buy Here: RDX GroinGuard

  • Mouthpiece: Critical for protecting your teeth while competing and training. 

Buy Here: Opro MouthGuard

  • MMA gloves: Necessary for competitions. You should wear MMA gloves during sparring and grappling sessions as well so you can get accustomed to them. 

Buy Here: RDX MMA Gloves

  • MMA shin guards: Sock-style are faster to put on and better for MMA rounds, but the Straps-style are more robust and better for pure kickboxing rounds and harder kicking. 

Buy Here: Fumestu Sockstyle, RDX T1 Shin pads


  • Thai pads and focus mitts: For using with a partner to work on punches, kicks, and other strikes.

  • MMA Clothing / Uniform:

Rashguard top Buy Here: UnderArmour Rashguard

Undershorts Buy Here: UnderArmour Undershorts

Shorts (No Pockets!) Buy Here: Blitz Shorts

Spats are also an option :-