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Advanced MMA

Welcome to Advanced MMA Class: Elevate Your Fight Game! ?

Advanced MMA Class training is not for beginners or intermediates. We expect a broad understanding of MMA and familiarity with our Club's favorite drills. High-level experience in a single combat sport isn't suitable, as these sessions focus on drilling the drills with relentless repetition, rather than teaching them from scratch.

For Experienced MMA Fighters: Designed for MMA fighters with cage experience or those gearing up for their first fight, Level 2 training offers faster-paced and more complex sessions. The goal is to rapidly enhance skills and increase agility for combat sports.

What to Expect:

  • Timed padwork rounds
  • Technical drilling
  • Work on fight-finishing sequences
  • Integration of footwork, striking, and grappling skillsets

Structured and Supervised Sparring: Sparring is a crucial element, structured and supervised to ensure fighters experience various rounds, covering sub-grappling, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, and MMA.

Request More Details: For additional information or to request more details about Level 2 training, please message us via the website.

Level up your training, and let's take your fight game to new heights!