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Level 2 Sessions

Level 2 training is not suitable for beginners or intermediates:- we will expect a broad understandinng of MMA and our Club's favorite drills; high level experience of a single combat-sport will not be suitable, as we dont want to teach how to do our drills in these sessions, we want to get on with drilling the drills and relentlessly repeating the practice.  

For MMA fighters who already have cage-experience or who are preparing for their first fight we deliver faster paced and more complex sessions designed to rapidly add skills and increase the fighter's agility for combat sports. 

Level 2 training is geared towards fighter development - timed padwork rounds, technical drilling, working on fight finishing sequences and integrating the skillset areas of footwork, striking & grappling.  

The sparring is structured and supervised to ensure fighters get the all the different kinds of sparring rounds they need, sub-grappling, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, muaythai, & MMA.

To request more details, pls message us via the website.  


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MMA Class Enquiry Form

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