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Beginners MMA

Welcome to Beginners' Class at Cambridge MMA! ?

No MMA or Combat Sports Experience? No problem – our Beginners' class is tailored just for you!

For Men & Women Aged 13+

When you book a Free Intro Session, we've got you covered! We'll provide boxing gloves and shin-pads for you to use during the class.

Here's what you need for your first class:

  • Attire: Shorts (and tight undershorts), a tight-fitting t-shirt, or rashguard. Avoid anything with zips, buttons, or jewelry.

We'll warmly welcome you to your first class at Cambridge MMA, guiding you on what to do and how to train, setting you on the path to becoming a 'real fighter'!

Inclusive and Diverse: Our beginners' classes feature a diverse range of individuals, from teenagers to older enthusiasts, spanning every demographic. MMA is an inclusive sport with high-quality safety and safeguarding standards.

What to Expect: Beginners will delve into the fundamentals of kicks, punches, takedowns, and submissions. The ground game is broken down into the 6 submission families, along with the best escapes and guard passing techniques.

Team HARDCORE! While beginners thirst for learning, safety remains paramount. It takes time to build trust with training partners. Our coaches closely monitor beginners, ensuring everyone trains safely with the right attitude.

Fitness Level? Not a Barrier! No need to be fit in advance! We'll gradually build up your endurance and sport-specific strength. Start learning now; it's better than delaying and trying to get in shape before diving into MMA.

All Are Welcome: Newcomers are always welcome and will be guided on what to do. MMA is a growing sport, and fostering confidence and enjoyment in our beginners is key to developing our Team.

What You Need: All you need is a bottle of water and some enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you embrace your training on the mats soon!

See you at the dojo!