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Cambridge MMA photo

Cambridge MMA

Mixed Martial Arts & Submission-Grappling Club

The only MMA club in Cambridge with MMA qualified coaches and the correct insurance (Public Liability, Private Liability & Member to Memeber) for the sport of MMA.

Find out more about our Association BMABA here!

Book a 'Free Intro Session' to try our MMA or Submission-Grappling training!

The next step after your Free Intro Session, is our 1 Month Trial Membership (£129), which is for 2 sessions per week and includes a High Quality Rashguard & Shorts (RRP £100).

After that you will be invited to join our club via one of our regular Monthly Memberships.

Options include: Pay Monthly Memberships
& PrePayment Memberships: 5x sessions or 10x sessions!
(Club Pricing Info Page

Min Age 13+

December 2023 Update!

Ready to get started? Follow these simple steps:

 Step 1: Sign up for a Free Intro Session.

If you encounter any issues with the signup link, please don't hesitate to message us here!


Step 2: Book your Free Intro Day from our website's schedule page.


Step 3: Join us with a bottle of water, a healthy dose of enthusiasm, and attire suitable for sports (no zips or buttons).

CambridgeMMA/SubG Instagram - check out some of the recent action!

At our new MMA Dojo on Barnwell Rd in Cambridge, UK, we've created a state-of-the-art training facility designed exclusively for MMA enthusiasts.

Our dojo boasts a spacious matted area, a professional Boxing Ring, and a fully equipped MMA Cage for our members' training needs.

You'll find all the essential gear, including focus pads, Thai-pads, Kick Shields, and Strength & Conditioning equipment for a complete MMA experience.

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest-growing sport worldwide, and our Cambridge gym is dedicated to delivering a top-quality training experience.

We focus on teaching the best striking, wrestling, submission grappling, and ground-and-pound techniques. Our athletes have participated in Amateur MMA events and Varsity University Competitions.

We have a well-rounded approach to athlete development, offering a detailed training system six days a week through our comprehensive timetable.

Join us to discover the world of MMA, learn from the best, and become a champion in your own right. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your skills to the next level!

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Cambridge MMA- 2019 PPV match in London



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