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Cambridge MMA: the Sport of Mixed Martial Arts - {the UFC}

January 2023!!!

Book your Free 1st week now!
7 days trial membership for you to try our training!

Min Age 13+


Step 1: Sign up to a FREE 1st week membership - (Any difficulties with the free week signup link, pls message us here!)

Step 2: Book your 1st week's free sessions on our website schedule page


Step 3: Show up with a bottle of water, some enthusiasm and in sports clothes (with no zips or buttons). 


 Our MMA training is safe & fun, so once you are on the mats you can relax a bit and enjoy the training of Champions - UFC style. 

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world & our gym here in Cambridge (UK) is focused on delivering the best quality training experience and teaching you the best striking, wrestling, submission grappling & groundNpound moves. 

Our athletes have competed in Amateur MMA events and Varsity University Competition. We have a long-term approach to athlete development with a detailed training system which we deliver 6 days per week via our comprehensive timetable.
We also run a Submission Grappling Club on Wed, Sat & Sun which has become popular with members who like to train a double- a SubG class followed by L2 MMA class with sparring.


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* We also coach the University of Cambridge MMA team- use contact form for info...



Cambridge MMA- 2019 PPV match in London



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23/01/2023 - 29/01/2023


8:35pm - 10:00pm

MMA - All Levels


No sessions


5:05pm - 6:05pm

Open Mat - drilling / padwork / heavybags (experienced club members)

Coach John
6:15pm - 7:15pm

MMA Beginners' Session

7:30pm - 8:30pm


Coach John
8:35pm - 10:00pm

MMA Level 2 / Comp-Prep

Coach John


8:35pm - 10:00pm

MMA - All Levels


8:30pm - 10:00pm

MMA - All Levels


1:00pm - 2:00pm

Open Mat - drilling / padwork / heavybags (experienced club members)

2:05pm - 3:05pm

MMA Beginners' late session

3:15pm - 4:15pm


Coach John
4:30pm - 6:00pm

MMA Level 2 / Comp-Prep


12:30pm - 1:30pm

MMA Beginners' session

1:45pm - 2:45pm


Coach John
3:00pm - 4:00pm

MMA Level 2 / Comp-Prep

No sessions found

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