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About the Club

Coach John opened Cambridge MMA in 2018. We have now survived the pandemic and are working hard to rebuild the club! 


Our Business Manager- Claire, looks after the club & all our members by managing all inbound communications, keeping the club membership system uptodate, and sorting out any issues or questions. She can be contacted through the website or emailed on 


Claire is about on weekdays in office hours - outside of these times you are unlikely to get a response from us, until Monday morning comes around. 


We offer a free 1st week to those interested in joining the club. If you then want to join us, there is a £50 joining fee with your first month's membership- paid in advance. You get our 30 day money back guarantee - (conditional on attending all your sessions) - and we enrol you on our insurance register. It is for an initial 3 months commitment followed by rolling 1 month notice. ( or 6months commitment for no joining fee option).


We require all sessions to be pre-booked and request you make your best efforts to arrive on time.


Boxing gloves and focus pads are lent to new people on their free week, but you are expected to buy you own kit after that. Our club shop has good value options which are of high enough quality for us to recommend using. 


Note: we do not close for the School holidays - we train all year round (except for a short time before xmas up to new year & 2 weeks in the summer). Occasionally a session will be cancelled (well in advance) because we have taken a team to a grappling tournament or competition - or because the school we rent the dojo from have to do repairs or something similar to the building. 


N.B. Club Members pay 12 equal monthly payments which are taken by online automatic card payment. We are closed for at least 4weeks of the year - 2 weeks summer holiday and 2 weeks xmas & new year - Members' monthly payments are the same in these 2 months as the rest of the year. The club (like any business) has to manage cashflow - every month we have to pay rent, pay the coaches, pay insurance, pay for first-aid courses and a multitude of other expenses. We will not freeze memberships for these closed weeks (except for the usual injury criterion) or for other weeks when members are away. The club endured 24 months of significant losses during the pandemic and has significant ongoing bills to cover. 


We don't close for religious holidays or allow freezing memberships for them - even when we are closed over xmas, members still pay for all of December (membership fees are 12 equal monthly payments).  


With the clubs agreement, memberships can occasionally be frozen due to longterm-illness or chronic-injury, (£20 per month freezing fee applies) but not for personal holidays or other non-health related purposes.

All members are insured via Public Liablility & Member to Member cover via :-

MMA Class Enquiry Form

MMA Class Enquiry Form

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